12 Dec 2015

The Cubs at 23rd Wembley ended the term with an all active Winter Day Camp! The Cubs visited Gilwell Park, the heart of scouting itself where they took part in Go-Karting, Aeroball and Grass sledging!
There was healthy competition and good teamworking shown by all members. The Cubs were being monitored through our new point system, which will be in full effect in the next term.
We played some games as well as a quiz on different topics in Islam. All the cubs contributed to teaching other about these and this contributed …

18 Oct 2015

We survived! Fab photos from the one and only Bear Grylls below @ Trent Park 2015. Go Wembley!

17 Nov 2014

40 Scouts & Cubs enjoyed a great time at Scouts Park over the weekend, learning a variety of skills including shelter building, firefighting, archery & exploration of the beautiful woods.
Points were given for team working skills as well as scouting ability.
The end of Saturday was completed by an enjoyable campfire circle …
Welcome all scouts to our great camp
It may get messy and rather damp
As we learn all about a great many things
Such as cooking, cleaning and pioneering
We complete so many tasks
Whilst hoping this all lasts
From shooting to pond dipping
From …

2 Sep 2014

On Sunday I went with my scouts group kayaking in Marlow-on-Thames. I had the most fun a boy could ever wish for. We excitedly exited our camp and went to a little hut full of oars and multicoloured life jackets. We chose an oar each and a boat and after receiving instructions on how to row, we were slowly but surely pushed into the water!

We played two great games…Fishy Fish which was basically bulldog in a Kayak, and then Zombie invasion; this was our favourite. You have to run away …

3 Aug 2014

23rd Wembley were proud to host our Muslim Scouts Ambassador Extraordinaire for an Eid Camp Fire Circle in conjunction with the Salaam Scouts.
The evening was better than we could imagine and Ustadh Dawud even helped the Cubs children turn their group du’a into a song for our next camp-fire circle!

Cubs Du’a Song with Dawud Wharnsby
Allah you are the greatest and the coolest
The One who makes everything possible
The Prophet Muhammad is the best of your creation
You made the Universe so help us care for all the Earth
Allah you are so …

18 May 2014

Beaver Bonanza
My favourite session in beavers last term was Beaver Bonanza which was at a new scout site called PACCAR.
We dressed up as oompaloompahs.
Oompaloompahs are characters from Roald Dahl’s
Charlie and The Chocolate Factory and
I also think the book
Charlie and The Great Glass Elevator.
After that all of the groups in the county of Middlesex had a parade

For the rest of the time we played mini games.
My favourite game is the Lego game.
How you play it is first you have to get
at least 2 pairs of wheels and then you make a …

20 Jan 2014

The Cub Scouts went to Rumi’s Kitchen in Cricklewood one Sunday morning to feed the homeless.
I helped to chop onions to make fresh salad plus I got to pour hot tea for the first time. I made sure everyone had a cup or two! Lots had three!
We then laid the tables with a beautiful flowery cloth. We put saucers, plates, salad, halal chicken and bread. The poor people enjoyed the meal.
The best bit was joining in the entertainment for our guests. The Cubs sang all the songs they knew …

30 Nov 2013

The Cub Scouts were extremely lucky to have a team of top medics and student doctors from Imperial come to the hut to teach them first aid… on their teds! Stations included healthy eating, dealing with choking and bleeding, recovery position and dialing 999. The Cub Scouts in attendance were awarded their level 1 of the staged Emergency Aid Badge!

A big thank you to all the amazing volunteers as well as our Sponsors for making the event so special!