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Cubs Gilwell Day Camp 2015

12 December 2015

The Cubs at 23rd Wembley ended the term with an all active Winter Day Camp! The Cubs visited Gilwell Park, the heart of scouting itself where they took part in Go-Karting, Aeroball and Grass sledging!

There was healthy competition and good teamworking shown by all members. The Cubs were being monitored through our new point system, which will be in full effect in the next term.

We played some games as well as a quiz on different topics in Islam. All the cubs contributed to teaching other about these and this contributed towards them attaining their ‘My Faith’ badge. Salaah was perfomed in congregation at the newly opened mosque at Gilwell Park and we also explored the other faith buildings nearby.

Cubs then learned about fire safety and wood collecting and assisted in getting the camp fire started. We then did some backwoods cooking and ate a lovely warm meal consisting of foil wrapped sausages (even though they were burnt!), embers warmed chicken and marshmallows on a stick!

Cubs were awareded with badges to mark the end of an action packed day!