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Dawud Wharnsby

3 August 2014

23rd Wembley were proud to host our Muslim Scouts Ambassador Extraordinaire for an Eid Camp Fire Circle in conjunction with the Salaam Scouts.

The evening was better than we could imagine and Ustadh Dawud even helped the Cubs children turn their group du’a into a song for our next camp-fire circle!

Ustadh Dawud Wharnsby

Cubs Du’a Song with Dawud Wharnsby

Allah you are the greatest and the coolest
The One who makes everything possible
The Prophet Muhammad is the best of your creation
You made the Universe so help us care for all the Earth

Allah you are so epic and so awesome
The One who hears all our special prayers
Save us from all baddies and bless all that we do
Forgive our mistakes and help us work for You

Then hum to the tune whilst making dua in your hearts

Dawud would love to hear from other UK Scouts Groups and hopes to make a CD compilation of Scouts songs in conjunction with the Muslim Scouts Federation and Desert Echo Daff in the new year. If you have any budding singers or daff artists who would like to get involved with this exciting project please email us on for more information.