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Kayaking during Cubs Summer Camp

2 September 2014


On Sunday I went with my scouts group kayaking in Marlow-on-Thames. I had the most fun a boy could ever wish for. We excitedly exited our camp and went to a little hut full of oars and multicoloured life jackets. We chose an oar each and a boat and after receiving instructions on how to row, we were slowly but surely pushed into the water!

Kayaking... In we go!

We played two great games…Fishy Fish which was basically bulldog in a Kayak, and then Zombie invasion; this was our favourite. You have to run away from the Zombie and if he/she taps your boat thrice then you become the Zombie! The last survivor wins. Finally and reluctantly we needed to go so we were pulled ashore and handed in our life jackets and oars and headed back to camp… For our next adventure

Kayaking in Marlow with my fellow Cubs