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Rumi’s Kitchen

20 January 2014

The Cub Scouts went to Rumi’s Kitchen in Cricklewood one Sunday morning to feed the homeless.

I helped to chop onions to make fresh salad plus I got to pour hot tea for the first time. I made sure everyone had a cup or two! Lots had three!

We then laid the tables with a beautiful flowery cloth. We put saucers, plates, salad, halal chicken and bread. The poor people enjoyed the meal.

Fattoush Salad

The best bit was joining in the entertainment for our guests. The Cubs sang all the songs they knew and even did some stand up comedy! Everyone was laughing and chuckling!

Cub Scout at Rumi's

All of us singing Nasheed on the stage at Rumi’s

I learned to be kind, thankful, helpful and grateful for what I have. If my Mum serves me anything I will not complain. I was also treated like an adult which was very respectful, and I learnt to treat others with respect back. I would love to get the chance to go back again next year. Thank you to the team at Rumi’s.

Adam and all the Cubs at 23rd Wembley.