Scouts runs every Friday evening, the Girls Scouts from 6:30 – 8:00, the Boys Scouts from 8:00 – 9:30, with various extra activities scattered throughout the year. Children start from 10.5 years and stay with the section until 14.5 years, when they can become Explorer Scouts and join a Young Leaders Unit. We work very closely with the District.

Below are our current term dates.

12/01/20182.1 Girls Welcome backWelcome back to girls- recite opening surah and Scout law and promise Knitting and Crochet Prep for Underground Wide Game- pin up tube map. Exercise on getting from Station A to Station B. Thinking about end destination, eastbound, westbound etc. Brief skills
13/01/20182.1 Boys Welcome back / Underground wide games practice
20/01/20182.2 Underground Wide Game
26/01/20182.3 GS Navigator skills | BS Plan and Check Boys Own Session Opening surah, scout law and promise Warm up game TA to teach six figure grid references, scale of maps, contours etc. Practice exercises (30 mins) RK and TA to break down process of finding your location on map, finding destination and working out direction to go in, using compass to find north and rotate yourself accordingly. Then how to calculate distance using map. Teach standard units of measurement (how many steps) (10 mins) Exercise in planting stickers around hut/outside hut- Supermarket Sweep style game using navigation skills (5 mins) To plan for Outdoor run- girls to come up with ideas of challenges/games/tasks at each location point. What would make it fun? (25 mins)
02/02/20182.4 Girls Navigation and gamesIcebreaker game- Hungry human hippos (5mins) Either pictionary or anagram games or blidnfolded and team has to guide around the room Keep balloons from hitting ground (gravity-defying) for 1 min. Numbered balls thrown into the baskets. Tallest tower built with spaghetti and marshmallows in 5 mins. Obstacle course in quickest time, solve anagrams, create as many words as you can, maths equations codes Brainstorm some more- Map skills- recap compass skills from last session TA and RK to teach grid references, orientating map- travelling from A-B- working out the angles needed to travel.
02/02/20182.4 Boys Own Scout session
09/02/20182.5 GS Cooking | BS Sufra Kitchen / Rumies kitchen . Cooking at hut using gas cookers Girls to learn how to use cookers Girls to prepare a meal each
11/02/2018Rumi'S Kitchen Visit
17/02/20182.6 GS Fun RunOrienteering hunt with challenges designed by the scouts
23/02/20182.7 Camp PracticeRK to lead survival skills Wood gathering, fire lighting, knife skills Equipment required, how to survive certain conditions
02/03/20182.8 Camp practiceRK to lead tent-pitching practice
09/03/20182.9 Scouts CampScout camp @ Southall Activity Centre Longboat Row Southall UB1 2BE This is a 2 night camp 19:00 9th March 2018 - 15:00 11th March 2018 Parents are request to arrive at 14:00 on the 11th to assist with cleaning and packing away. Cost £25 per Scout Activities to Include Climbing Wall Kayaking Rifle Shorting Geocaching Fire Lighting Backwood cooking Tent Pitching
16/03/20183.0 GS Olympic TrainingGames for Olympic training: Races Relays with knots and crosses Tug of war Throwing zone Assault Course Challenge designed by RK
18/03/20183.1 BS Camp Craft
23/03/20183.1 GS Movie night and binge | BS Joint Marylebone sessionMovie night to be organised by TA Snacks binge to be organised by RK
30/03/20183.2 Police weapons sweep Litter challenge

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