Scouts runs every Friday evening, the Girls Scouts from “6:30 – 8:00”, the Boys Scouts from “8:00 – 9:30”, with various extra activities scattered throughout the year. Children start from 10.5 years and stay with the section until 14.5 years, when they can become Explorer Scouts and join a Young Leaders Unit. We work very closely with the District.

Below are our current term dates.

11/01/2019Welcome backLocation: At Hut
19/01/2019Underground Wide Games PracticeLocation: Meet at At Hut, Outdoor session
26/01/2019DISTRICT EVENT Underground Wide GamesGREENFORD & DISTRICT SCOUTS UNDERGROUND WIDEGAME MOLEQUEST 2019 Competition will be taking place on Saturday 26th January 2019. Please meet at District Headquarters, between 111-113 Hill Rise, Greenford, UB6 8PE. Start Time will be 10am - I suggest arriving before this time say 9:50 onwards. Please do not be late as this could affect our team's performance` Finish Time should be 5pm latest. Scouts will be expected to travel in uniform. All Scouts will need a valid travel card or ticket for this event (not funded by the competition). At least one Scout must have a mobile which is capable of running Whatsap. Each team will need an A4 sheet of paper with their team name on it (for using in the “Selfies”). PLEASE NOTE: This year will be a new format. There will be 4 bases which will be manned by Leaders. The Leaders can chose to stay on a base all day or swap around so that you are only on a base for a few hours. The other Leaders will be roving marshals. Teams will have to get to the 4 manned bases plus get team “selfies” taken at other stations. There will not be enough time for them to get off, take a team “selfie” and get back on the train before the doors close. Photo’s of the team “selfies” will have to be sent back to Sarra and Marianne via Whatsap. If the Scout does not have access to the TFL wifi, then they must send the photo’s back when they reach one of the manned bases. Photo’s should be sent in the order that they were taken in so that we can keep a track of who has been where so that no teams get lost. The teams will get a quiz sheet for when they leave DHQ. At each manned base they will have to answer questions on the station plus they will be given another quiz sheet to complete. The result will be 1 point for each minute the team is out before they get back, minus the number of correct points from their quizzes.
01/02/2019Archery 1Location: At Hut
08/02/2019Archery 2 & Personal ChallengeLocation: At Hut
15/02/2019Cooking Night@ Hut
01/03/2019Camp PreparationLocation: At Hut
08/03/2019Back to Basics CampLocation: TBC
15/03/2019Team Games | Camp Feedback | Personal Challenge PresentationLocation: At Hut
22/03/2019Scoutcraft PracticeLocation: At Hut
29/03/2019Scoutcraft / Pioneering / Badge CeremonyLocation: At Hut
06/04/2019TripLocation: TBC
20/04/2019Outdoor Tent Pitching

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