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Winter Camp 2014

17 November 2014

Scout Winter Camp 2014

Scout Winter Camp 2014

40 Scouts & Cubs enjoyed a great time at Scouts Park over the weekend, learning a variety of skills including shelter building, firefighting, archery & exploration of the beautiful woods.

Points were given for team working skills as well as scouting ability.

The end of Saturday was completed by an enjoyable campfire circle …

Welcome all scouts to our great camp
It may get messy and rather damp
As we learn all about a great many things
Such as cooking, cleaning and pioneering
We complete so many tasks
Whilst hoping this all lasts
From shooting to pond dipping
From searching to orienteering
We walk, climb, jump, run and play
But still we fulfil our promise today
Of kindness whilst working together
To build good character forever and ever
So when you go home to your warm comfy beds
Remember this night and the strength you possess
The courage you’ve shown whilst all alone
In your cold sleeping bags away from home
But don’t fret or fear
Tomorrow is near
And you can tell everybody you see
“It sure is great just to be me!”
Because in the scouts throughout all these challenges
As We hope to acquire a whole bunch of new badges
From all the skills we’ll soon learn from it
We can climb a mountain and scream “I did it!”